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business process re-engineering and management
Superior, Award-Winning Experience PTC’s team of program managers helps to implement and support these systems for our clients with nearly 40 years of progressive and award-winning experience. We excel in:   ·Process improvement   ·Production planning and inventory control   ·Master planning and facility layout   ·Process planning and re-engineering   ·Process modeling and analysis   ·Manufacturing and distribution planning   ·Operations research and systems engineering   ·Supply chain engineering   Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Engineering  PTC’s process of developing an engineering concept begins with fundamental theories and ideas, and proceeds through scientific analyses, feasibility studies, collection and Harpoon Missile analysis of data, design, simulation and modeling, fabrication, model testing, evaluation at sea, and final adoption. Our RTD&E depends on the physical sciences such as physics, chemistry and metallurgy. This field of engineering spans the entire spectrum of engineering and scientific disciplines and development of new materials and technical processes.   Combat Systems Performance Combat systems and technologies related to Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance constitute the most exciting, challenging, and rapidly changing fields in naval engineering. PTC’s weapons systems engineering include guns, missiles, torpedoes, and the weapons carried by international Armed Services. Weapons design, installation, and operation require a variety of disciplines including aeronautical engineering for air frames, chemical engineering for propulsion, electronics engineering for tracking, guiding and controlling, physics for acoustics and electro-optics, and mechanical engineering for loading, rotating and elevating weapons launchers.   Superior Engineering Services  PTC offers superior engineering services to help clients succeed in today's competitive environment. In a world of reengineering, downsizing, and tighter budgets, PTC knows that efficiency is key to survival. Using our engineering services, clients can:· Increase productivity and efficiency   ·Improve product quality   ·Improve manufacturing processes   ·Reduce operating costs and waste   ·Reduce manufacturing lead time